Amenities offer environmental solutions for waste, recycling and environmental management.

Amenities provide recycling solutions and consultancy for businesses and organisations which can incorporate life cycle analysis for all business processes. This can be achieved in several different ways, dependent upon the requirement.


Amenities offer Zero Waste to Landfill, recycling not only helps your business to be more environmentally friendly, it also improves efficiency and can help save you money, we collect all types of materials for recycling including cardboard, plastic, metal, paper, textiles, glass, pallets, oil and batteries, we collect from most parts of the UK and have moffett vehicles available for any companies without a forklift on site.


Amenities can collect part loads as well as full loads of material and can arrange weekly scheduled collections whichever solution best suits your company requirements.


Rebates are available for cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, some glass and wood waste such as pallet recycling. Larger quantities of material will create a higher rebate value, the recycling market is ever changing and rebates will reflect the changes in the market.


Cardboard & Paper Recycling


Once the waste is collected by Amenities it is then sorted, re-baled, graded and delivered to a paper mill to be recycled into new paper products. At the paper mill the waste paper is added to water and then turned into pulp. The paper is then screened, cleaned and de-inked through a number of processes until it is suitable for papermaking. This is the process of paper and card recycling which enables your waste resources to be made into new paper products such as newsprint, cardboard, packaging, tissue and office items.


Plastic Recycling


Once the waste is collected by Amenities it is then sent to be recycled into new plastic products, the plastic is sorted and then either melted down directly and moulded into a new shape, or shredded into flakes then melted down before being processed into granulates.


Wood Recycling


Amenities offer a collection and recycling service for all your unwanted pallets, our service is available to you for one off clearances or scheduled weekly/monthly collections, all wooden pallets that we collect are fully recycled by reuse or we will strip down the pallet to reclaim useable components, we repair and re-build recycled pallets back to their original specifications. 

We collect and hand-sort materials and provide a detailed breakdown of the pallets collected - listing the value of good pallets purchased and quantity of scrap pallets for recycling.


Wood recycling is important because once treated, recycled wood can have a range of uses. Recycled wood can also be used in the manufacturing of new furniture but chippings can also be used for equestrian bedding or recycled and used as a source of fuel. Wood can also be added to compost recycling, to produce natural fertilisers.


Metal Recycling


Once collected metals are sorted at the materials recycling facility into different metal types, and from there melted in a furnace to form liquid

metal that can be recycled as new metal products. Whatever form of metal you have which needs recycling, you can be confident that Amenities can help.


Contact us to arrange a collection, enquire about our recycling services or even for some free advice on managing your business waste, our free, no-obligation site audit will show you how to minimise your waste production and illustrate what materials you can recycle. We can also help you to identify resale or reuse opportunities for your recycled materials.

With a range of in house services that meet or exceed environmental legislation, Amenities can manage all of your recycling and waste management needs.


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