Amenities offer both rentals and purchases on waste handling equipment such as Balers, Compactors, Roll Crushers and Shredders.


Document Shredders


Document shredders make life in the office safer, more practical and easier. Over 100 different models of shredder play a key role. They shred paper, credit cards, CDs and DVDs into strips or particles. It is simply the safest solution for shredding confidential documents directly at the workplace, e.g. account statements, tax documents or personal data.


Shredder Balers


Shredder baler combinations are complete, compact disposal stations. They provide for data security up to the security level P-5 and compress the shredded material into bales, which can be easily transported and recycled. The shredder baler combinations are suitable for shredding large quantities.


ProfiPack Shredder


The ProfiPack cardboard shredder perforates and converts layers of used or damaged cardboard boxes into packaging material. If you use a large amount of protective packaging why not invest in to one of these cardboard shredders and turn your waste cardboard in to quality shock absorbent netting material? This machine will not only save your business money but will also contribute to your green credentials!


It is the perfect solution for all warehouse; recycling, shipping and dispatching areas. The specially hardened cutting rollers perforate, pad and cut the cardboard to the right size, all in one operation. The cutting rollers are also unaffected by box staples. The powerful three-phase motor allows continuous operation without a cool down period. The ruler guide (in millimetres) allows you to set the desired width of the packaging material and accepts 2-3 layers of cardboard at a time.


Shredders can be purchased or rented directly through Amenities.


With a range of in house services that meet or exceed environmental legislation, Amenities can manage all of your recycling and waste management needs.


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