Textile Shredding

Amenities Environmental Services provides both off-site and mobile shredding services and a full audit trail so that you can demonstrate full due diligence. We also provide a full range of containers for the secure storage of your confidential waste.


Various forms of shredding can be arranged, including video evidence of the destruction taking place.

A certificate of destruction is issued in all cases for customer records. Amenities insures that the entire process it correctly documented with waste transfer notes issued upon collection of your confidential waste.


You may be looking to destroy branded merchandise in due to quality concerns, if quality brands release sub-standard products to market they may damage their reputation.


In addition there may be a requirement to destroy end of line fashion items, so that that particular run of items retains a “limited” edition status.


Also there may be textiles that need destruction due to insurance claims, once insurance claims are made for particular items it is not permitted for companies to resell these goods.


Brand protection is not the only reason that textiles shredding takes place.


Uniforms are a regular item that we shred, particularly for security firms and government officials. Police, Nurses and Fire fighters uniforms are all items we shred to ensure we protect the public from deception.


Also textile products that are faulty or do not meet required quality standards need secure destruction too, this is to ensure that companies are not placing the public at risk.




With a range of in house services that meet or exceed environmental legislation, Amenities can manage all of your recycling and waste management needs.


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